See the best way for you to get a firm, perky butt, and a bikini body, and find out why what most of you were taught guarantees that you will never get the beautiful butt you want.



  Can you picture yourself looking flawless in your jeans, wearing shorts with confidence and getting compliments daily.

Just imagine yourself relaxing in your cute swimming suit. How incredible would that make you feel? How would your life change? It's not nearly as difficult or time consuming as you think. I'll show you the best way to a beautiful butt and body.

You can see it all in my proven system that will shape your butt and tone your whole body with brand new workouts that take only 20 minutes.

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 One of the first things guys notice on you is your tush.





Do you hate your flat butt?

Do you try to hide your flabby butt?


I know a lot of you have no confidence when it comes to your butt.  Whether it’s because it’s too fat, too flat or too that; well it really doesn’t matter because the bottom line is, you hate it!

 It makes  me sad to see women covering up, obviously uncomfortable in their own skin, constantly trying to hide their bodies.

 It doesn't take a psychiatrist to see the affect this can have on someone's life. Whether the lack of confidence overflows into business, social settings or the bedroom, it can really be stressful and I say life's stressful enough. This is a stress you need to eliminate once and for all.



The sad truth

Ask yourself what do I wish were true? Then ask what actually is true? I wish you could get a great butt by wearing different shoes or joining a fun aerobics class and doing a lot of "donkey kicks".   

worst butt exercises

      But you've probably tried that or know someone who has and it didn't work. No, it's not because you didn't try hard enough. The problem is, the nice people who truly wanted to help you didn't know what they were doing.

I know because unfortunately I was one of them about ten years ago. I was taught and repeated some of the same nonsense that you hear all of the time.

Once I had enough experience training people, I discovered that nearly all of the butt workouts sounded smart and felt like they worked but completely failed to deliver results


A big misconception & huge mistake

There's nothing you can do if you don't like your butt you're stuck with it.


Yes, I think a lot of women think it’s unfixable. They don’t see their butt like they see their arms and legs; they see it more as a part of their body that they can’t really improve.

Why? Maybe because their workouts give them little or no results. One thing's for sure, your butt has muscles in it just like your arms and legs do. So, you can shape and improve your butt just like any other body part. 



The machines at the health club are the best for firming your butt.


Sorry, it's not even close. The movements I'll show you will target your butt and make the machines seem like a waste of time 


What is Perky Butt Formula?

It's new unique butt exercises, quick bodyweight movements, and the best of the classic exercises combined and precisely placed in short, easy-to-follow workouts that will give you a gorgeous bottom and a fit toned body. Requiring only 3 workouts a week for 8 weeks.


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A letter from the creator of this program

I designed this program as a dedicated fitness professional and then decided to expand my business online. In other words, I'm not a slick salesman whose hobby is fitness. Fitness is my career. These workouts have been used with my clients. They deliver results to real women with extremley busy lives. It's difficult to combine what's best with what's realistic, but by training many busy women over the years, I've found the best way. You'll be happy to know this program offers a hurry up and get to the point approach.
Sincerely, JP Sampson
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" I never liked my butt. I always had a flat, wide butt until JP showed me how to shape it.
Now it's smaller and rounder. I was really surprised. I went from not having a butt to one I really like". M.C.


As a personal trainer and owner of Yoga Beyond Ltd., I love to enhance my fitness routine by using Perky Butt Formula. This fantastic program uses bursts of weight training, cardio and body weight movements that give me a chance to look and feel even healthier and fit. I’ve brought many of the core/butt exercises into my studio and the results are fabulous!!
Elizabeth Faster


I'm a very busy mom in my late twenties and women have stopped me in the gym to ask me how I got such a great butt. My butt looks better than ever and these workouts are the reason. B. Egge


butt workout reviews


best butt workout

This is a very clever program. By far the best butt routines I've ever done. Sue R. age 46



I know you're skeptical and I don't blame you. I would be too.

You can see I don't use hype or make any outrageous claims, and I refuse to make promises that I can't keep. This program doesn't make statements like.... "Lose 30 lbs in 30 days".  "You can eat whatever you want", or "It's fun and easy with incredible results in just 5 minutes a day".

I hate those programs that prey on people who feel desperate and emotional. I made my business and reputation by helping people achieve long term results with total honesty.

Those lousy programs and trainers make it harder on the people who need help and trainers like me who really want to help them.

I don't pretend I found some mysterious, secret method that allows you to side step all the effort on your part. You're smart enough to know it won't be easy and there's no miracle cream or magical drug that will end your struggle. 

The truth is this program is challenging, but you know that's the only way you'll get the body you want!

I created Perky Butt Formula by paying close attention and working extremely hard to find out what works best. Keep in mind I have been a full time trainer for over 12 years and I have tested and seen the results or lack of from all kinds of programs over the years.


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What Do I Get & How Will It Help Me?


Complete 8 week glute developing & fat burning program with step by step pictures, instructions and access to private online video demonstrations

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 butt exercise video 

Complete "done for you" training journal - print the page with your workouts for the week and simply plug in your numbers


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 You get my secret weapon that will make sure you get those results even when life gets crazy.


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You'll get free updates and I have some excellent future bonuses planned for you.




Get the pro trainers inside scoop with five small but powerful tricks that will take your butt to its perkiest. Page 5

Feel the results from exposing your glutes to brand new butt shaping movements and a cutting edge formula.

Accelerate your progress & results with the greatest calorie burning, metabolism boosting movements. You want bang for your buck? You've got it! No more useless movements.
Enjoy your free time and life with the people you love. You will complete these workouts in around 20 minutes but your buns will look like you live in the gym.
Avoid costly mistakes people make when trying to tighten their tush. You will see and understand why some people will never get results. Page 6-8
Feel energized and loose with my favorite quick and effective stretches that keep my clients healthy year after year, and can save you the pain and time of rehab. Page 18-27

Finally know the answer to.. What works best-- full body workouts or splits? I'll show you why you can have the best of both worlds. Page 16-18


If you grab it now you'll be saving yourself a lot of money. I know you "go getters" want to jump in and get your new perky butt and firm body.This is one of the reasons I am rewarding your smart, swift action by giving you over 60% off the normal price.

To be completely honest, the other reason is you "go getters" are great for business because you're dedicated and you follow through with awesome results. This is how I built my business at my studio, so I know when people see your results they'll want to get my program.


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Perky Butt Promise

100 % money back guarantee

This program only takes 55 days to complete but I'm giving you 60 days to get your money back if you're not satisfied. You have nothing to lose. I'm that confident you will love this program because I've seen how effective it is.


So many programs to choose from   

Since you're serious about getting results you need to make a wise decision. Some programs don't show the workouts in action... I gave you a sneak peak at the top of this page.

Some programs don't even tell you who created it... you can see who I am. Other programs have very professional looking websites but you don't know who will answer your questions.... I promise you can contact me directly with your questions.

Finally, do you want to trust in someone who only trains people online or a part-time trainer? Or do you want an experienced, trained professional like me that trains women like you at my studio daily.

 Believe me, I'd rather not talk about myself at all, but I want to make this decision easier for you by reassuring you that I am a honest guy, and a proven expert. 

Many of my clients have trained with me for almost ten years. You wouldn't workout with a trainer for ten years if you didn't get results and you couldn't trust them.


 Personalized Bonus

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My private email


I won't abandon you after you get the program. My studio clients contact me when they have an important question, you can too if you take action soon (4 questions/2 per month). I know we're all a little different so if you need me to customize a part of the program for you, I will. This kind of personal help and attention is normally very expensive or unavailable online.


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The bottom line

I know you want to be the girl with the great butt who looks perfect in her jeans and feels as good as she looks.

You are exactly who I designed Perky Butt Formula for, the busy young woman who can't spend a lot of time working out but wants a beautiful butt and tight body. 

 It took me years of hard work to create this formula but I broke it down into an easy-to-follow system that's short but stuffed with extremely valuable content.


You only have a choice of two paths... you can take the path of regret by thinking and waiting while your dreams slip away from you or...

perky butt exercises can start right now on the path to a fuller life, the kind of life that makes you feel free and brings you more happiness. 


perky butt exercises


You don't have to waste anymore money, stress, time or effort - simply try the best program available and you'll finally get the butt and body you deserve.

 Alright, you've thought about it and read enough. I want to show you the way but it all comes down to you and action!  




P.S. One hour with a personal trainer would cost you more than this entire eight week system. If you were to train at my private studio it would cost you $1,156 for the same program. But thanks to the internet you can have the whole program without paying me for all that time in my studio.

The regular price is $135.00 but I've put it on sale at a huge discount, so grab it now for only $49.95 It has never been priced this low before. This is your chance. Don't miss out.


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order perky butt workouts 
Please note: You will NOT receive a physical package in the mail. This is a downloadable program and you will have access to a private video site. The entire program will be immediately available to you after ordering. This program is NOT available in stores. 














































































































































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